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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


Years 3 & 4

Class 2 had an amazing time during their ‘Victorian Visit’ to the Judges Lodgings in Lancaster. They experienced life a poor person, carried out servant’s jobs for the Judge and attended school. They finished their day playing with Victorian toys.

In Design and Technology, Class 2 have been cooking and baking using ‘Seasonal Food’. Fairy cakes, jam tarts, meatballs and a selection of sandwich fillings have all been created and enjoyed by the children.

Class 2 have been very busy this half-term looking at plants and flowers. We have made paper models of flowers and investigated how the wind disperses seeds using paper copters.

In Class 2’s Textiles lessons we have created 3D paper weaves and collages inspired by Richard Brennard-Wood. For Design and Technology Class 2 designed, created and evaluated their seasonal stockings – the first sewing lesson for some of the children. They all look beautiful.

Last week, Class 2 were very excited to bring their bikes into school for a Bikeability training morning. They practiced riding around the playground, signaling to turn and stopping safely. They even competed in a race where the slowest rider was the winner. All the children enjoyed the session and grew in confidence when riding their bikes.

Class 2 visited Martin Mere on Wednesday 23/6/21 for their science trip. We took part in a pond dipping activity and looked closely at how animals have adapted to living in their habitat. We also had the opportunity to feed the birds which the children enjoyed. It was great to see the children engaging with the learning and seeing how varied wildlife can be.

This term Class 2 have been learning about electricity - look at the fantastic working models they have created. Well done to everyone!

Class 2 have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks this half term. As part of their learning, Miss Bradley has taught them how to make collages and papier mache vases. They also got the chance to make their very own warrior helmet whilst learning about the battle of Marathon. Did you know? The word Marathon means, ‘a place full of fennels’. The battle of Marathon was fought in 490BC in the ancient district of Attica, on a small plain in the Marathon region. The battle was fought between the Greeks and the Persians. Marathon was roughly 25 miles from the city state of Athens. The Greek army only had 10,000 men whilst the Persians had a whopping 25,000! Due to the Greeks being so well prepared, they went on to win the fight and defended Athens, protecting it from being conquered by Persia. The Greeks sent a messenger called Pheidippides to run to Athens to tell the people about the victory. To this day, the word marathon means a 26.2 mile footrace and it commemorates Pheidippides’ efforts all those years ago!

This half term in Computing Class 2 have been learning what algorithms are and writing programmes for specific purposes. They have enjoyed testing out their programmes to make a robot travel around a maze, knock down ten pin bowls and to coordinate a route to collect points.

Sampling Greek food

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