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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


On this page you will find a variety of information about Class 3 (Year 5 and Year 6), their curriculum and various other activities.


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Computing - Understanding Binary Code

Usually at this time of year we enter the Southport Flower Show -  'design a school garden competition', unfortunately due social distancing measures this event will not take place this year. However, with so many of us enjoying our gardens at home, Class 3 have taken up the challenge to design their own 'Lockdown Garden' which would bring pleasure to all age groups.  

Lockdown Gardens

As part of our work on World War II the children in Class 3 have been asked to make a wartime recipe whilst they are learning at home.

See below for some of their efforts and family comments so far.

World War II Recipes

War World II Recipes

How we commemorated the 75th anniversary of VE Day

Today Class 3 took part in the Heartstart Programme led by our South Ribble Sports Coach. The children learnt: • How to open an airway • How to put a person in the recovery position • DRS ABC (danger, response, shout, airway, breathing and CPR) • How to treat a person with a bleed • How to help someone who is choking • How to administer CPR They thoroughly enjoyed learning these important life skills.

As part of our work, Class 3 held a whole school debate on the question: Is it necessary to give Primary School children homework? Reasons for the Proposition included: • Homework stops children from spending too long watching a blue screen. • Homework allows children to retain what they have learnt in school. • Homework can develop imaginations and creative skills. Reasons for Opposition included: • Children spend enough hours (30+ per week) at school. • Children’s well-being is affected by the pressure of homework. • Homework impacts on family time. Once all the points had been debated the voting was very close. It was 30 – 29 in favour of homework.

In Forest School this week Class 3 learnt about mixing solutions, freezing and melting. They are going to see what happens to a cup full of pretty woodland things covered in water when it is frozen.

Today Class 3 were joined by PCSO Maria Featherstone who taught us the importance of being safe on the internet. We learnt: • That we must never give out personal information online • To block or delete cyber bullies who are sending mean messages or images • To be a cyber-defender by taking a screen shot of the evidence and reporting the bullies • To ensure our parents have the set the correct privacy settings on our electronic devices • Useful information can be found at

Great teamwork yesterday as Class 3, enthusiastically, had a go at making their own animation films. The results were fantastic!

Tag Rugby

Today Class 3 were given the opportunity to learn basic bike maintenance in a ‘Bikeability Fix’ session led by South Ribble Sports Coaches. The children learnt how to: • Use basic maintenance tools (allen key, spanner, pump and repair kit) • Remove and re-fit a front wheel • Remove an inner tube • Locate and patch a puncture • Fit an inner tube and tyre • Inflate a tyre to the correct pressure • Adjust brakes using a barrel adjuster • Raise and the lower the seat post and ensure the saddle is straight

This week Class 3 visited Bishop Rawstorne Secondary School to meet author Tom Palmer. They enjoyed a quiz and a penalty shoot-out before they got an opportunity to purchase one of his books and have it personally autographed by him.

Children in Class 3 took part in an emergency fundraiser during their ‘Strength and Endurance’ swimming lesson this week.

Phoebe who attends a local school, has been diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumour and is need of a wheelchair to make her life more comfortable.

Thank you for all your donations to this worthwhile cause.

Bikeability Level 2 – Day 4 The final day of Bikeabilty saw Class 3 turning right into a side road and practicing all other skills learnt. Congratulations – everyone who completed the course passed. Well done!

Bikeability Day 3 (Level 2 continued) Today we learnt to: • Perform a bike check before starting our skills. A – Air B – Brakes C – Chain D – Drop • Pass a side road • Turn left in to a minor road • Turn left in to a major road

Today on our first day of Level 2 Bikeability, Class 3 learnt about: • Primary and Secondary positioning in the road • Passing a parked vehicle • Making a u Turn We are looking forward to tomorrow, learning more skills and hoping we have good weather.

24th September 2019 Bikeability Level 1. Today Class 3 braved the rain to take part in Bikeability Level 1. They learnt to: • Carry out the M check (Bike Safety check)before cycling • Make checks to safely move from the pavement on to the road • Keep control of a bike by weaving in and out of cones • Make over the shoulder checks and be able to signal and stop safely • Perform an emergency stop By the end of the 2-hour course everyone had passed. Well done!

Year 5 working on an advertising campaign for liquid soap during their English lesson.

Budding architects using a Computer Aided Design Package

The Big Debate!

Class 3 enjoying their topic of Ancient Britain by making pots in the style of the Beaker people, although they used clay instead of copper!

Class 3 Remembrance Plaques Remembering those who gave their lives for us.

Celebrating European Day of Languages Today Class 3 enjoyed a visit from Madam Ward (Head of Modern Foreign Languages at Leyland St Mary’s High School, Leyland). The focus was to look at the importance of learning a foreign language and how it develops our British Values of tolerance, respect and understanding. The children really enjoyed speaking, reading and writing French and making a model of the Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows. Thank you Madam Ward what a great start to a Tuesday.