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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


On Thursday 4th November, to end our topic about the Ancient Egyptians, we went on a school trip to the Liverpool World Museum. We explored the different areas of the exhibition and as well as consolidating our own knowledge, learnt even more about the Ancient Egyptians. We then visited the ‘Mummy Room’ where we saw real mummies and looked at the process of mummification in more detail. We also looked at the different animals which were mummified as well as people. Everyone had a fantastic day and all of the children loved the experience… especially the gift shop at the end! J

Last week, in the late autumn sunshine Class 3 took part in Chorley Sport’s Partnership Bikeability Scheme. On Day 1 they completed Level 1 and on Day 2 took part in Level 2 maneuvers, such as passing a parked car, signaling to turn left and right and understanding primary and secondary positions when in the road. All children thoroughly the experience and learned valuable life skills.

We just can’t keep up with the fun this week. Class 3 have filled their Silver Fundraising Jar twice! The prize was a Super Soaker!

On Tuesday, in the glorious June sunshine, Class 3 visited Rock and River. It was a wonderful day of ‘Outdoor, Action and Adventure’. Our activities included Canoeing, Paddle Boarding, Rock Climbing, Low Ropes Obstacle and the Leg-Shaking Air Bag Jump. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day learning new skills and boosting their own confidence. Thank you to the staff at Rock and River who provided a stimulating environment and encouraged everyone to be the best they could.