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As part of our understanding of British Values, on Wednesday afternoon, Mrs Walker held a democracy assembly. Children looked at the folktale, 'The Farmer's Cart' and reflected on the messages within the story. We talked about the vote that took part within the story, what voting is as well as the children's own experiences of voting. Children came away with an understanding that democracy is about everyone having a voice and is heard.

Last week we had a visit from Konflux Theatre who provided workshops for all our pupils, looking at recycling and how we can improve and look after our environment. Class 1 had a very interactive session exploring different ways to travel rather than using a car, especially for short journeys. They learnt about global warming and its effects, plastic litter in our oceans and how to reduce reuse and recycle. Class 2 learned about different gases that harm the environment and better ways to travel. The children loved taking part in role-play about littering and landfill. Class 3 looked at all of the above and the effects pollution has on our planet and our health. Thank you to Konflux Theatre for the fun and informative sessions that gave us lots to think about.

Yesterday, our children took part in the TCS Mini London Marathon. Dressed in bright, colourful sports clothing, we raised funds for The Rainbow Hub Mawdesley; as we ran, jogged and walked the 2.6 miles around our school field. Despite some muddy corners, we were fortunate that the sun shone down as we got active, improved our mental health and wellbeing and gave our support to an amazing local charity. Well done to all our children, staff and parents who completed the course - you were superstars.

"The results are in! A huge thank you to everyone for taking part in The Big Plastic Count 2024"

British Science Week Congratulations to all pupils and parents for taking part in The Big Plastic Count, it has highlighted the amount of plastic we use daily and what types of plastic can, and more importantly can't, be recycled. Don't forget to upload your data at home using your class link, or bring in your tally sheet for your teacher to help you. All pupils have taken part in a wide range of science activities, including live NFU farming lessons, STEM investigations along with exciting and interactive science lessons. Class 1 investigated this year's theme of time by using the enquiry type 'observing over time', they made jelly and added different fruits, then observed which set first and last, and discussed reasons why there were differences. They also planted out their runner bean seedlings and sowed companion seeds, planted to encourage the bees. Following the NFU live lesson they sowed pumpkin seeds, designed and created a homemade propagator, and now have a long time to care for them in order to create pumpkin lanterns in October! During the live lesson, children in Class 2 enjoyed learning about what a vet on the farm does and how to take care of a cow. They even witnessed a live birth of a calf, which was very exciting. Children also learnt about food webs and microhabitats. Did you know that cow poo is a microhabitat to thousands of insects? The children found this fascinating (as well as rather disgusting). Class 3 also watched a live lesson set on a farm where a cow was being born – they found this amazing. Throughout the week, Class 3 have also been working on producing an advert for food that has come from Red Tractor assured farms.

We celebrated #LetGirlsPlayFootball today by encouraging our girls to take part in some ball control drills and some mini matches. Despite it being a little cooler than usual all of the girls joined in and thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst showing off some super skills.

What an AMAZING World Book Day we have had! It was brilliant this morning seeing so many children dressed up as their favourite book characters - well done and thank you! We began the day in the hall with an assembly all about World Book Day. This year, the theme for World Book Day is 'Read Your Way' so we talked about where we love to read, what we love to read and how we love to read. Children then looked at some of the books included with the World Book Day tokens and listened to advice from the authors about ways they like to read. Following assembly, children went back to their classes. Class 1 joined Burnley Youth Theatre in a live Zoom story-telling session, with plenty of interactive opportunities. They listened to the story ‘Charlie Chooses’ by Lou Peacock. A beautifully illustrated book about tricky choices and friendship. A great book exploring the idea of making tricky decisions. Class 2 then joined the next Youth Theatre group where they listened to the story, 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'. There have been lots of other book themed activities throughout the day from book cover quizzes to entering the World Book Day Design a Token Competition. As well as all of this, children have done a super job on their 'Book in a Jar' competition entries! In the afternoon, the jars were all displayed in the hall within their class groups and children had the opportunity to look at all of them. They then voted for their favourite from each year group - winners to be announced! Thanks again to all of the families for helping to make our World Book Day so fabulous this year!

Yesterday,  PC Rob from Lancashire Police Service visited Class 3 to discuss the British Values - The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect. He spoke at length with our children about the importance of making good choices, showing respect and sharing worries with a responsible adult.

Focusing Class 3's attention to the fact that 10 years old is the age of criminal responsibly; he discussed crimes committed by children: assault, theft, criminal damage and malicious communication and the impact a criminal record can have on a person's life.

Working together PC Rob and Class 3 found ways, despite the possibility of peer pressure, to make the right choice, stay safe, be aware of people who may seek to harm them and the importance of knowing that bullying in any form (Physical, Social, Verbal, Cyber) is not acceptable.

This was certainly an important afternoon of life skills and preparation for the future.

Last Wednesday, we invited the Usborne Book Fair in to school. The children had a Wish List and wrote down the books they would like. It was lovely to see how enthusiastic and excited the children were about all of the different books. More World Book Day activities are taking place this week and the children are very excited.

This week, it is Children's Mental Health week with the focus being 'My Voice Matters'. Mrs Walker held an assembly where we talked about what it meant to express your views and opinions and that grown-ups should listen and take views seriously. Children listened to a wonderful book called 'Speak Up' which was about a little girl who used her voice to make a difference.

We had a lovely morning as students from Runshaw College Performing Arts Department came to school to showcase their super talents. The students sang and danced to tell the story of Tidler, by Julia Donaldson, and the story of Agatha who felt she was never good at anything. It was a delight to see the enthusiasm of the students, to watch their great performance and hear the super singing. Thank you to all the students and staff who organised this super treat. We look forward to another one soon!

Yesterday, our whole school family joined together in Church to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Class 1 led the Nativity beautifully with Classes 2 and 3 helping with the singing. Well done children we are all very proud of you!

We are very proud of our KS2 children who performed Cinderella Rockerfella, so well this week. Congratulations to them all.

Thank you to Mawdesley U3A for inviting us to spread some festive cheer this morning. The children put their hearts and souls in to the songs and sounded wonderful!

A lovely start to Wednesday morning today. The hall was resounding to Christmas songs and cheerful children as they enjoyed some creative time.

Many thanks go to PC Walker who yesterday, joined us for ‘A Neighbourhood Police Visit’. The children learned about the different parts of the uniform, what the different coloured lights are used for on the car, heard the siren and viewed the kinds of equipment they carry in the boot.

Today, Y2 and Y5/6 had a visit from the Fire and Rescue Service. Y2 looked at fire safety around the home and how to draw up a fire plan with the people in their house. Y5/6 revised how to draw up a fire plan and with a view to entering their High School years, they looked at keeping safe on the roads.

It was another busy and exciting day at school yesterday which ended with @Keepyourcool holding Ice Bath sessions for some of our intrepid parents. Ben Davie, one of the owners of @Keepyourcool came to school, and worked with parents to prepare them for the Ice Bath experience. Once the parents were prepared they entered the Ice Bath, taking time to focus and be present in the moment whilst eliminating any possible distractions. Ben guided the parents through immersing themselves in the Ice Bath and breathing to maintain their focus and gain maximum benefit from the experience. Once the Ice Bath was over the parents were all guided in how to keep moving to ensure maximum recovery from the Ice Bath. Our thanks to Ben, from @Keepyourcool and our intrepid parents! We already have a waiting list for a return visit. For more information you can contact @keepyourcool here

We started this week off with a visit from SCARF (Safety, Caring, Resilience and Friendship) who provide resources for teachers and lessons for children to link in with the PSHE (Personal Social & Health Education) curriculum. In Class 1 Steve worked with the children about Feelings and Friendships. They looked at life through the eyes of Gerald the Giraffe and learnt about coping strategies for when things may seem a bit overwhelming. Steve talked to Class 2 about everyone being unique. The children discussed things that make them unique from fingerprints to eye colour. Children then learned about things we can do to stay healthy and even took a look inside the body. Next, children talked about smoking and the impact it could have on the body. E-cigarettes came up in the discussion and we learned about what is meant by addicted. Through discussion, games and watching a video, Class 3 looked at the difficulties of making decisions – particularly if peer pressure is applied and discovered strategies of how to cope with a concerning dilemma. We also looked at how drugs and alcohol can affect the way the body works and change how a person thinks, feels and behaves.