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Welcome to Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


Years 3 & 4

Today in Class 2, as part of our science topic - living things and their habitats - we took part in a live lesson hosted by Chester Zoo to celebrate 'World Species Congress Day'. Children were fascinated to learn about a number of different endangered species and what is being done to help protect them and support the wild populations. Children learnt about the causes of extinction from habitats being destroyed for palm oil to global warming. They also learnt about the impact and importance of the work by Chester Zoo in relation to the Eastern Black Rhino, Giant Magnolia Snails, Sumatran Orangutans and Komodo Dragons. Children left the lesson feeling passionate about making a difference. One way, which was suggested within the lesson, was to download the Palm Oil Scan App which can be used to check which foods use a sustainable source of palm oil. Children can't wait to get to work supporting habitats and the living creatures within them!

On Wednesday morning, 9 children from Class 2 took part in the Chorley Partnership Sports Adventure and Activity fair. Children had a brilliant time completing a selection of problem-solving activities where team work and communication were essential. Everyone worked really hard together and even solved some of the more tricky tasks! Also, a big thank you to the parents who helped with transport :)

Class 2 have been making Christmas Stockings in their Design and Technology lessons. They had to think about a design that would be attractive and functional to the end user. They studied the best ways to join the materials together and tried out various stitches to find the most effective. Haven’t they done well?

On Thursday the 5th of October, Class 2 visited the Deva Roman Experience Centre in Chester. Children had a fantastic time learning about the Roman invasion of Britannia. They experienced what it would have been like to travel to Britannia on the ship, life in the fortress, Roman food (including slugs boiled in milk), Roman baths and the gladiators! After lunch, children dressed as a Roman soldier with shields (scutum) and swords (gladius) and they marched through the city of Chester chanting Roman chants. They visited some of the amazing Roman ruins within the city including the baths, situated in the Roman Gardens, and the Amphitheatre. It was a brilliant day and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience as it was a chance to see their learning in class come to life! Well done Class 2!

On Friday, Class 2 visited the newly opened Eureka: Science + Discovery. They had a fantastic time exploring the different areas and learnt about the home, the body and nature.

What an exciting start to our day! This morning, poet David Bowden or ‘Word Guerrilla’ joined us for a poetry assembly. He performed a number of his poems and wowed us with his musical skills including playing the guitar and beat-boxing! After the assembly, Year 3 and 4, along with Year 3 and 4 from Holmeswood Methodist Primary School, took part in a wonderful poetry workshop where children were inspired to write poems about respect and our school values. Children looked at how to use rhyming words within their poems and even had a go at rapping to a beat. Have a look at the video section on our website.

In Class 2, our history topic is the history of our local area. As part of our topic, we went over to the church and talked about the history of it including when it was built. Children then became historians as they investigated some of the gravestones. We talked about what information you could find from them. The oldest one we found was from 1842!

Over this half term, Class 2 have been looking at Classification in their Science lessons. Each week, they have researched a different classification of ‘living things’ and the children have made an interactive book to present their work in, with excellent results.

Well done to Class 2, they have been writing programs, testing them out and debugging algorithms to collect items to make a ‘sandwich’.

Class 2 learning about the internet.

Class 2 had an amazing time during their ‘Victorian Visit’ to the Judges Lodgings in Lancaster. They experienced life a poor person, carried out servant’s jobs for the Judge and attended school. They finished their day playing with Victorian toys.

In Design and Technology, Class 2 have been cooking and baking using ‘Seasonal Food’. Fairy cakes, jam tarts, meatballs and a selection of sandwich fillings have all been created and enjoyed by the children.

Class 2 have been very busy this half-term looking at plants and flowers. We have made paper models of flowers and investigated how the wind disperses seeds using paper copters.

In Class 2’s Textiles lessons we have created 3D paper weaves and collages inspired by Richard Brennard-Wood. For Design and Technology Class 2 designed, created and evaluated their seasonal stockings – the first sewing lesson for some of the children. They all look beautiful.